Ecigs have revolutionized smoking habits and can be better referred as the modern smoking. Other people call it “vaping” as it just that. The e-liquid is heated and then turned in to vapor when one puffs. An electronic cigarette uses a battery that is rechargeable and has a cartridge that contains the liquid.

Reasons to use ecigs
The initial cost involved when one buys ecigs and other accessories may seem higher than that of traditional tobacco cigarette. This is however not true as the traditional cigarette users spend more money on cigarettes than the ecig users, learn more about e-cigarettes best reviews at There is a lot of wastage starting from the boxes, unfinished cigars, ash trays and nicotine. When smoking, people normally don’t finish cigars, this adds to the number of cigars smoked. All the liquid in the ecig is finished before refilling and one feels comfortable with that. Money that is used on ashtrays and buying more packets is saved when one switches to electronic cigarettes.

Health reasons
When “smoking” the electronic cigarettes find reviews by the eCig Expert, there are no harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide produced. These two are by-products of the traditional cigarettes and they can cause lung cancer. The cigarettes also makes one’s teeth turn brown as the smoke passes through the mouth. Moreover, the ecigs can be used in regulation as nicotine is used in the desired percentage.

Environmental factors
The vapor produced by the ecig is not harmful to the environment. However, carbon monoxide that is otherwise produced by the traditional cigarettes is not Eco-friendly. The unfinished cigars, butts and wrappers that may contain plastic materials contaminate the environment when thrown away.

Social factors
Ecigs leaves you with no smell and can be used at any place. May it be at work place or when one is on an outing, it looks normal when one uses it. The traditional cigars produced order, ash and are odd to use. You can learn more about ecigs and its structure by visiting

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Green Smoke has been one of the most respected and widely-known electronic cigarette brands in the market. Rightly so, as Green Smoke are among the pioneers of the electronic cigarette market way back in 2008. The company has invested much on technology that it is one of the companies that leaped frogged the conventional three-piece vape to the now standard two-piece vape. Some observers say that the use of Green Smoke of this technology is quite revolutionary that it paved the way for others in the industry to follow suit.

The kit is conveniently priced at $129.97 where the ultimate kit comes with long and short electronic cigarette batteries. A battery with length of your choice also comes with the package. The package also includes two cartomizers with a red label and variety pack. It also comes with a convenient carrying case and the USB cigarette. For other power options the packet also comes with a wall charger and a high-powered car adapter if you happen to vape on the go.

Green Smoke prides itself with long-lasting battery performance. Testing showed that Green Smoke electronic cigarettes last for about eight to nine hours of regular vaping or about 350 to 400 puffs before you need to recharge the batteries. For most people the battery power is enough to last a day. There have been reports that the batteries can last up to the next day especially for light vapers.

Both long and short batteries perform quite brilliantly. Although our tests revealed that the short battery provides a smoother and easier draw. This may be due to the increased airflow which can add more endurance to the battery. But for most vapers the difference between the two batteries are too close that it is not easy to spot any difference.

Battery charging is one of the strongest suits of this product. The batteries can be fully charged anywhere from two to three and a half hours both for the long and short batteries that come with the kit. Our reviewers are quite pleased as some products take as much as five hours before the batteries completely re-charged. This means that the turnaround time in between charging cycles allow for more vaping time.

The new cartomizers are claiming more than they can chew. Perhaps they made an effort to back the talk. The FlavorMax brand cartomizers indeed provide the power but the power subsides after 50 to 75 puffs which is some sort of a downer. However, it allows you to puff more of the nicotine and less of the flavor in the long run which if you think about it would be better value for your money.

The cartomizers last about 250 puffs which are far from good. It is really, really good. Save for the fewer flavors but more on the nicotine, the reviewers of this product say that the cartomizers are among the top of the class if not the industry.The nice kick from the full nicotine after the flavor subsides is a nice welcome for first time Green Smoke users that will make them go for this brand for a long time.

Green Smoke earns a good mark on battery performance and endurance. The fast charging is a great feature that is worth considering. The massive vapor produced is a welcome treat plus the great kick from the full nicotine at the end of the flavor cycle is one-of-a-kind. The longevity of the cartomizers is the best in its class which is cost-effective and brings more “bang” to your buck. This is probably one of the brands that you will surely enjoy using.

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