Blender is a very useful machine and it is used in a lot of family. It has many functions such as blending many fruits and making many glasses of delicious and nutrients drinks. With its useful utility, cleaning a blender after using is not a simple task at all, especially inside the bottom of the blender. And not everyone knows how to clean the blender on properly. If the blender is not cleaned properly, it can be so dirty as well as out of order. Therefore, cleaning the blender is always an issue that many housewives concern about. Today, I will guide you how to clean the blender with simple and efficient ways so that your blender will always be clean after using. Let’s read the article below.

Instructions how to clean the blender

  1. If you have just finished using a blender, you should wash the pitcher through clean water several times.
  2. Then you use hot water and pour hot water into a pitcher (filling about half of a pitcher).
  3. You cover a thick cloth to the lid of a blender so that the hot water will not be out of the blender when it is on. You plug in the blender with hot water inside and turn it on for about 1 minute. With this method, washing by hot water, the grease or plaque will be removed very fast compared to using cold water.
  4. After blending, you pour hot water inside the blender out and wash again with dishwashing liquid.
  5. You squeeze a lemon to get fresh lemon juice and remove the lemon seeds. Lemon has deodorant effect that avoids the blender from being sticky odor during usage period.
  6. You mix hot water and lemon juice together and pour this mixture to the blender. You turn on the blender for more 2 minutes. After that, you pour this mixture out of the blender and wash it again with clean water.

That’s the way you have just finished the cleaning your blender. Now, you can assure of the clean of the blender in the kitchen. With these simple steps, the stubborn odors and stains will be gone away. Let’s share with your friends this way. Besides of the instructions of cleaning the blender, I have written many other topics about cleaning some home tools and machines in the kitchen. Let’s review new and useful tips in my blog. Good luck.


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