This is a common problem that many people are wondering. They don’t know that they should choose the drill machine or the best impact driver. Therefore, the following article will provide you the criteria and comparison so that you can have a correct view on this matter.

  1. The basic concept

In order to learn more about this industry, you should know some basic tools such as the drill, the impact driver and the cordless

Currently, in the market, there are two mainly types of machine including wireless and wire machine. The wireless machine use battery instead such as cordless drill and impact driver) or some types use steam to operation.

The advantages of using wire machine are cheap, strong cord and independent on batteries. The disadvantages of wire machine are unsafe and a little bit inconvenient compared with wireless machine. Its capacity is usually used for family.

With a wireless machine, the strong or weak capacity depends on the battery condition. The wireless machine is very convenient, safe and highly effective but quite expensive. It can be used at work or family.

On the other hand, steam machine is very strong and fast but it has a little inconvenience. It is usually used to open or repair the machine. The capacity is used in the workshop or at home.

  1. The usage of the drill

No matter what drill top you are using, as long as the drill top is fixed, you can use it. When drilling, you can control the speed of the drill. When the drill has reached its full capacity, the drill will stop and the drill top will stand without moving.

The speed of the drill depends on the switch machine and your force.

  1. When you use impact driver to drill

You must use the hexagonal head bit to fix the top of impact driver. Currently in the market, most of manufactories product this support bit.

The speed of impact driver is faster. Because the impact driver has force of the hammer so it can drill thicker and harder wood. However, the impact driver has one disadvantage is quite noisy because of the beating of support hammer.

  1. When you use the drill to screw

You just need to use the three angles bolt to clamp the screw. The actions will be slower than using an impact driver because it takes time to fix the screw to the drill top.

The drill has the rotate and twist functions only without the supporter hammer

You should use torque correction mode to suit for the wood.

The drill is used to screw for grave hole, soft and thin wood. You can combine 2 functions with a small amount of quantity.

  1. When you use the impact driver to screw

The manipulation to open the top of impact driver is very fast. You never are afraid of losing the screw head like the drill. The drill top uses clamping function so if you do not fix it tight, the screw can be lost by somehow.

The impact driver has not only 2 functions such as rotate and twist. It also has one typical feature is a hammer (or impact). This impact supports to push the screw in the wall or wood easier without losing any screw. Thank to this function, the impact driver has stronger force, faster and more effective when being used too much.

The impact driver is used for some professional jobs that need to screw more in wood, metal roofing, wall…


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